demystifying meditation

for those wanting a deeper and clearer understanding


what is meditation?

> a way to free the mind NOT control it
> a time for being NOT doing
> journey from activity into gaps of silence
> a chance to experience the silence that lies within
> a tool to connect us to our unlimited potential and field of infinite possibilities 
> a way to release and reduce stress
> a way we can expand our brains & use more of its capacity 
> a path to spiritual enlightenment

health benefits

> induces a relaxed but alert state allowing us to deeply rest
> decreases addictive / negative behavior
> lowers blood pressure
> decreases inflammation
> increases the release of the enzyme telomerase which slows the aging process
> down regulates genes that contribute to disease, diabetes, alzheimers, cancers etc
> promotes healing

life benefits

> increases peace, love and compassion for yourself, others and the planet

> helps heal emotional instability and decrease painful emotions

> produces more conscious responses, reactions and behaviors within yourself 
> improves sleep
> reduces stress - induces health benefits
> think clearly & act consciously

spiritual benefits

> helps you misidentify with your ego
> evokes a stronger connection to all that is connected
> unblocks energy channels (Nadi) increasing the healthy flow of electromagnetic information in and around the mind, body and soul
> helps return us to out natural state of being and balance
> a place we can experience our true-self, soource of creation, joy & peace
> a sanctuary to inner silence> become more present