Time Table

Relaxing Guided Meditations

The Yoga Loft, Whitley Bay,  NE25 9SX - 1 Hour Class

Breathing Exercises | Guided Meditation | Visualization | Calming Music | Herbal Tea | Oracle Cards

Monday Meditation
Studio Class

This Meditation class is perfect for all levels of experience as I will guide you the whole way through, including simple seated stretches, breathing exercises and hand written guidance to help you visualise scenarios where you can process and heal real life situations

Allowing yourself the space in which you can disconnect from the rest of the world by going inwards to reconnect  

This is a practice that integrates your mind, body, soul, heart & spirit letting you to feel more oneness and think clearer.

Dip & Dance

 Last Friday of the Month
Cullercoats Bay - South Side

Dance around the fire after some connection practices such as meditation and breath work

Followed by an optional sea dip done at your own risk.

Hosted by Abbie & Lorna

£5 per person 

More Coming Soon

Yogi Moment will have some more sessions running in the future, giving you more chances to meditate. 

At my classes we use use a wide range of mindfulness methods such as body scanning, reflection techniques and mind body connection techniques. 

Learn tools that can be used in your daily life to help you gain happiness, connection and calm.

Whilst equipping you to better navigate and handle stressful and triggering challenges.