meet your instructor


Hello, I am Abbie and i'm so happy that the universe helped you "find" my site!

I am passionate about helping you, through guidance that I have not just learnt along the way but also studied. 

This journey has all come about by myself being interested in mindfulness, spirituality conscious living and well-being as well as my own path where I know first hand that healing isn't always easy. 

I have been unluckily lucky enough in  to have supportive friends, family and therapists whilst dealing with stress & grief.

I now want to spread that support to you and want to build my life around helping others discover the effectiveness and benefits of meditation, yoga & spirituality. 

As my clients develop, they will gain the tools to tap into their own inner light, empowering them to form a life that contains more peaceful and loving moments.

From the experience of having a "yogi moment" ideally at least once a week

As well as all lovely hippy stuff, I can ensure that you will gain; sharper focus, clarity, concentration and awareness in your every day life.

Your brain is an elastic muscle which with my help, we can strengthen and fine tune. With practice and with patience.